Letter Writing to Political Prisoners

imageDC Stampede hosts Political Prisoner Letter Writing Nights on the first or second Wednesday of each month. Beyond showing our solidarity with people in our movements who have had their freedom taken from them, our intention is to gather activists from different movements to draw out the connections we have. One thing we all share is that the state cracks down on movements that are a threat to its stability or the corporations that prop it up.

We provide all the materials, a list of prisoners from various radical movements with short bios, and a quick “how to” for anyone who would like some guidance. Government repression, as animal activists well know, has long attempted to chill dissent and divide movements. Let’s spend the evening fighting back against the state’s attempts to divide our communities.

If you or your organization would like to co-sponsor a letter writing night, let us know! We’ve partnered with groups to focus on writing to Black Liberation prisoners and incarcerated workers who are organizing unions, and we’d love to continue to spread the solidarity!

Check out past and upcoming letter writing nights.


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